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A strong organizational culture creates customer loyalty

“Vision, mission and values … those are just meaningless words on a wall poster!  In fact, most employees couldn’t even tell you one-quarter of what the sign says”, scoffs one manager I know. Unfortunately, this is a sentiment that I

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You are a role model!

This video titled “If you give a little love, you can get a little love of your own” has less do with romance and more to do with the valuable lesson it offers to leaders everywhere.

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Everyone needs a role model or mentor

Even the animal kingdom understands the importance of mentorship and role models. Read the heartwarming story of Owen and Mzee and what it teaches us about leadership.

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You create the culture in your organization

Make mine a double-double please! One of the most admired corporate cultures shows me EXACTLY how they get it right! Wait till you read what happened!

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