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Three steps to less workplace stress

Dr. Michelle May is a member of my mastermind group, a small group of professional colleagues that serve as an informal advisory panel to each another.  Even though she usually spends her time helping people break free from emotional eating,

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Workplace frustration drains motivation and lowers performance

Last week, I blogged about leaders who often get frustrated about aspects of their working environment.  See How to approach a difficult working environment.  A reader sent me a link to this paper: Workplace Frustration: A Silent Killer in Today’s Organizations 

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How to approach a difficult working environment

I often hear from leaders who are frustrated by working within what they characterize as a difficult working environment. They feel like they are not given the resources they need, the authority they require, or the support from senior management

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Recovering from workplace setbacks

When things get tough at the office, do you wallow in the misery or do you shake it off and move on? Merge offers a perspective on workplace stress.

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Keep stress levels low all year, not just during the holiday season

Staying stress-free isn’t just for the holiday season; tips to stay “sane” apply all year round! Merge was quoted in an article in “Inside HR” Magazine.

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What will it take for a rattlesnake to bite itself?

The answer might surprise you. But what may be even more surprising is the valuable lesson it offers leaders.

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