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Five lessons learned as a first-time supervisor

At various points in your career, you’ve no doubt come across terrible managers or supervisors, perhaps even had the misfortune to report to one or two of them. But, as horrible as they were, maybe it wasn’t really their fault!

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The 5 most common new leader mistakes

My latest column for is about the most common new leader mistakes, and it’s now up in cyberspace.  This will apply to you both if you work in an organization for someone else, as well as if you’re an

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How to avoid the most common first-time leader mistakes – live audio event on May 22

May 22: one power-packed hour; learn the traps most leaders fall into AND the key actions you can take for high-performance and self-confidence

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What is your single greatest challenge in your new leadership role?

Ask your questions about the most common leadership mistakes. PLUS download a free article with the seven changes you MUST take into account in your new leadership role.

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Are you cut out for supervision?

Are you mentally ready for a supervisory role? Take this quick 10-question self-assessment. From leadership expert Merge Gupta-Sunderji’s website.

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The survey results are in!

Our research identified several common areas of challenge for leaders – these will be specifically addressed in 2010’s curriculum

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