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What can I do for you?

Is there anything I can do for you? This is the question posed by Colleen Albiston, chief marketing officer at Deloitte Canada, and my fellow columnist at The Globe and Mail in her column last week: Don’t forget to ask:

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Are kindness and compassion necessary in leadership?

A colleague made me aware of this story about kindness and compassion that ran in The Globe & Mail in December. Are Vancouver’s residents as cold as the icy sidewalks? Ms. Rosemary Blomeyer is a visually-impaired German immigrant in her

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It’s more important to be kind than clever

Merge recalls a long-forgotten leadership lesson from an early mentor. What do you think? Add your perspective.

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Leadership is NOT about managing people!

Using a metaphor of gardening, leadership expert Merge explains why good leaders DON’T manage people, but rather manage recruitment.

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It’s a leader’s responsibility to support his/her employees

An unexpected display at the Museo de Armas (Museum of Weapons) in Buenos Aires offers leaders everywhere an important lesson about their responsibility to their employees. You’ve got to see the photo!

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