Category: taking action on negativity

Leverage difficult situations into opportunities

Did you know that airplanes take off against the wind? It seems counterintuitive … you  would expect that it would be easier if the wind were coming from behind the aircraft, giving it a push. Yet in reality, it is

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Workplace negativity is toxic

The unfortunate truth about negative people is that their sour attitudes bring the rest of the workplace down. To combat this, a positive attitude must be “cultivated”.

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Overcome workplace negativity by feeding the grapevine

Want to take specific action on workplace negativity? Feed the grapevine! Leadership expert Merge Gupta-Sunderji explains how.

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Why is negativity so widespread?

Two common reasons why workplace negativity is so prevalent in organizations today. What have you observed in your workplace?

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All it takes is one …

View of Manhattan from my W Hoboken hotel room A couple of weeks ago, I stayed at the uber-posh W Hotel in Hoboken NJ, directly across the river from Manhattan NY.  The W chain prides itself on being very hip,

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