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Does risk-taking scare you?

I was recently having a discussion with a client about risk-taking, and I was reminded of an old Indian folklore story my mom told me many years ago.  It was about a farmer who was asked whether he planted wheat

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Do men and women have the same approach to taking risks?

In her book Lean In, Facebook’s COO Sheryl Sandberg encourages women to “lean in”, to “be more open to taking risks in their careers” since “being risk averse can result in stagnation.”  She suggests that women need to “overcorrect” from

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Don’t set people up to fail!

The only mistakes you can learn from are the ones you survive — a quote by Collins/Hansen prompts a conversation about effective leadership.

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Are you playing to win, or are you playing not to lose?

Leadership expert Merge Gupta-Sunderji uses the metaphor of hockey to explain why your mental attitude will determine your eventual outcome.

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