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When email is not the best choice …

For the last few weeks, off-and-on, I’ve been blogging about the things people do when they send email that negatively impacts both their credibility and effectiveness.  My last post was on how it’s critical to offer your phone number as

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Even with email, make it easy for people to phone you

Since we’ve been talking about email effectiveness here on the blog for the last little while (getting the subject line right, not sending FYI emails, and the importance of grammar and spell check), here’s one more.  Make it easy for

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Why it’s so important to return phone calls

How you communicate with potential vendors says a lot about you and your organization’s philosophies and values when it comes to customer service and client focus. Workplace communication expert Merge Gupta-Sunderji explains.

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Voicemail IS a productivity tool IF used appropriately

If used appropriately, voice mail CAN improve your productivity and enhance others’ efficiency. Specifics about how from workplace communication expert Merge Gupta-Sunderji

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