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Celebrate your administrative professionals this week!

Celebration2Today kicks off Administrative Professionals Week, a week when leaders in offices around the world thank and celebrate those who keep the engines of organizations running efficiently and effectively. Whether you do it as an individual or corporate activity, or at a social gathering, or at a community event, deliberately and thoughtfully make it a point to applaud your administrative professionals sometime (or several times) in the next five days. This is not to say that you shouldn’t be doing it all year (whenever the opportunity arises to offer positive feedback or praise), but this week is a reminder to do something that often, in the rush of day-to-day responsibilities, slips past many leaders. Ironically, it isn’t until the secretary, administrative assistant or receptionist is absent that most leaders realize exactly how important they are to the successful operation of an enterprise. So don’t wait, do it now.

And how exactly should you celebrate and thank your administrative professionals? Continue reading

It’s my one-year anniversary as a columnist for The Globe & Mail!!

Warning: celebration alert!

Last Thursday quietly marked an important anniversary in my world – exactly one year ago on that day, my inaugural Leadership Lab column launched in The Globe & Mail‘s Report on Business section. How to be the boss when your co-workers are your friends hit cyberspace that morning, and even though I had no idea at the time, January 23, 2014 kicked off what has turned out to be a hugely rewarding and productive relationship with Canada’s most respected and widely-circulated national newspaper, printed in six major cities from coast to coast across the country. Since that first Leadership Lab column aired last January, I’ve written seven more, including one earlier this month. And when The Report on Business ran a retrospective on the Top Ten Leadership Lab columns in 2014, two of my columns made #1 and #2 on the list!!! Continue reading

Our little leadership blog turns five!

Gold 5th 3d Number Representing Anniversary Or BirthdayToday marks a pretty exciting day for the Turning Managers Into Leaders blog – it’s our fifth anniversary. Yup, exactly five years ago to the day, I started this leadership blog with a post that opened with Okay folks, I’ve entered the 21st century! Exactly 500 posts, 27 guest blogs, and several hundreds of conversations later, here we are!

So today’s blog post is a thank you and a celebration. Thank you to every single one of you for reading and participating in the discussions. Who knew that a little leadership blog project that I started back in 2009 would take off and soar? I certainly didn’t! My goal for the Turning Managers Into Leaders blog was simple – I wanted leaders such as you to get timely useful information that would be of value in your day-to-day leadership and workplace communication challenges.

But while I may be the spark that initiated the topics for discussion (which was often because of something one of you said anyway), the truth is that each of you is the fuel in the engine that kept the dialogues going. Continue reading

Thankful to be Canadian!

This upcoming weekend is Canadian Thanksgiving, a time of the year when so many of us north of the 49th parallel gather with friends and family to gobble roast turkey and stuffing, and sip luscious libations. At some point during the raucous revelry, most of us pause to express the many things we are thankful for. I am thankful for many things – my incredible husband, my amazing family, a successful leadership development practice, great clients, awesome friends – but it occurred to me as I put my list together that I am thankful for one more thing – that I am Canadian! As a first-generation immigrant to Canada (I came to my adopted land thirty-one years ago), I am so proud to call Canada home. I appreciate that Canadians are relaxed and laid-back, tolerant of others who are not like them, willing to welcome strangers without wanting to change them, quick to laugh at ourselves and not take the world too seriously. And as if luck was just waiting to prove my point, I stumbled across this video titled “Canadian Dance Moves”, set to the lyrics and music of “Canadian Please”. Not only is it catchy and fun, but I really think it’s so “Canadian”.

So, what are your favourite Canadian dance moves? Mine are Cold as Ice and Tap the Syrup. Skip the Goose Poop made me laugh!

And oh yes, what are you thankful for this Thanksgiving?