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Interruptions caused by drop-in visitors at work? Here’s how you manage them

One of the most common reasons people like working out of a home office is that they can focus and concentrate, uninterrupted by those pesky drop-in visitors who just have “a quick question”.  You likely know these people well, probably

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Results of our informal poll – the biggest time wasters at work

What are your biggest time wasters at work? The top two answers in our informal poll.

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Prioritization and time management for leaders – live audio event on February 16

One jam-packed live hour: practical, positive and effective strategies to cope with your escalating workload, deal with your time-wasters and take charge of your work day so that you can get more done, more effectively and in less time.

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What prevents you from prioritizing your responsibilities and managing your time?

Too much to do, not enough time? What’s your biggest challenge when it comes to prioritization and time management? Ask your tough questions of leadership expert Merge Gupta-Sunderji. Answers on February 16.

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Fun poll: what’s your biggest time waster at work?

Leaders have overflowing schedules, numerous projects and a myriad of deadlines. Participate in our fun poll and see the results instantly.

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