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“Learning by doing” outshines “teaching”

As a leader, you know that employee training is important. And for most people, training translates to “teaching” – a structured or unstructured process to convey information from an expert who knows to those who don’t. But as someone who

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It’s a leader’s job to actively promote lifelong learning

Five ways to create a genuine learning culture at work – Merge’s latest article in CGA Magazine tells you how.

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Training employees – GPS or paper map?

Which is better? Merge uses an unusual metaphor to explore how we should train and coach our employees.

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Why (negative) feedback is so important (another leadership lesson from “Kitchen Nightmares”)

Following on last week’s blog post, Merge offers a second leadership lesson from the popular reality show “Kitchen Nightmares”. See the videos and give us your opinion.

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Measuring the value of training

When you’re asked to justify your training expenses, this classic model can help make the case. Merge’s latest blog post explains.

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Procedure manuals are worth the effort

Many people dislike creating and maintaining procedure manuals and checklists. Here’s a great real-life example of why they’re so important.

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