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Reverse mentoring: working one-on-one with a younger colleague can help you stay relevant

reverse mentoringI often discuss the value of one-on-one mentoring relationships with my clients as well as here on the blog (in fact, one-on-one mentoring makes up a significant portion of my professional practice).  The assumption with mentoring is often that it is a one-way effort – veteran staff mentoring younger employees.  However, there is just as much value in reverse mentoring – where senior employees benefit from a one-on-one learning relationship with someone who is much younger.  The value can come in many aspects, but the most beneficial is likely in the area of technology.

When it comes to technology, there are many tools and resources out there that you may have never heard about.  So if you are over 35 years old, it’s worth considering a reverse mentoring relationship with a younger work colleague.  Ask your younger mentor what trends they are observing and what new technologies they are trying out.  Ask them to show you how these tools work.  Tell them about the work-related challenges you are facing and see if they have solutions to offer that you may not have considered, or for that matter, even know about. Continue reading

How to Coach a Winning Team at Work – Live audio event on October 28

If you’re a manager, supervisor or team leader, then you already know that in today’s fast-paced and exceedingly competitive workplace, you need to be a lot like the coach of a winning team. But winning teams don’t just happen, whether they’re on the playing field or in the workplace.  This is where I can help!

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In one power-packed hour, right from the comfort of your office, I’ll give you specific, practical, and useful tools to become a better workplace coach.  You’ll learn:

  • A simple, yet powerful, two-by-two coaching grid to analyze your team’s lineup
  • How to easily evaluate each of your employees so that you can apply a laser-like focus to your coaching efforts
  • The easy and effective T-S-T approach to workplace coaching
  • How to select the most appropriate coaching method for each of your people
  • How to mentor employees that have positive mindsets but have not yet fully developed the skills to shine
  • How to coach employees who have what it takes, but lack the motivation and drive to get on with it
  • A straightforward perspective on how to empower those who already have top-notch skills and a great attitude
  • What to do with those problem employees who lack both the aptitude and the attitude for success

Join me on October 28, 2009 at 11 AM MDTEarly bird pricing in effect ONLY until this Wednesday October 21!

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What is your workplace coaching IQ?

In the fast-paced and exceedingly competitive organizations of today, the successful manager, supervisor or team leader has to draw upon similar skills that athletic coaches use to create their winning teams.  And winning teams don’t just happen, in the playing field or in the workplace!  High-performing teams are created by trained and capable coaches who’ve learned how to mentor, motivate and empower their people to take action.  These same coaches have also mastered the skills to manage the under-achievers, those problem players who lack both the aptitude and the attitude to achieve peak performance.

Your success as a coach is directly proportional to your coaching mindset and ability.  Take this quick ‘n’ easy self-assessment to gain an insight into your coaching IQ.

Self-assessment: what is your coaching IQ?