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How to deal with inappropriate workplace behaviour (and stay out of legal hot water)

I’ve often addressed how leaders should deal with specific dysfunctional workplace behaviours (including my suggestions in this article in CPA Magazine).  Today though, my professional colleague and friend Stephen Hammond comes at this very important subject from a much more

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Conflict can be a positive force to spur innovation

Last month, The Lawyers Weekly ran a story about how conflict can actually be a positive force to spur innovation. Writer Geoff Kirbyson interviewed me and three other experts for this article and you can read the insights we offered

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Dealing with dysfunctional workplace behavior

In the newest issue of CPA Magazine*, writer Deanne Gage pens an interesting article on anti-patterns – undesirable and dysfunctional workplace behavior that manifests over and over again – and she sought out Merge’s expertise for advice on how to

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How to handle employee conflict

I often blog and talk about how conflict and disagreement amongst your people is not a bad thing (Why conflict and disagreement are essential for high-performing teams and Minimizing conflict is not always a good thing) but there is a

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Dealing with employee complaints – live audio event on November 21

Nov 21: one power-packed hour; learn how to confidently and assertively address employee complaints and concerns to get at the root of the problem and result in positive outcomes.

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What is your biggest challenge when it comes to dealing effectively with employee concerns and complaints?

Ask your questions about how to deal with employee complaints and concerns. PLUS download a free article with specifics on how to deal with negativity in the workplace.

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