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Does your employee health and wellness policy include fun at work?

I’ve always said “If it’s fun, people will do it”. In fact, I’ve blogged in the past about a series of experiments sponsored by Volkswagen that proved this very hypothesis of the importance of fun at work: If it’s fun,

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Get important tasks done by connecting them to a fun reward

Our final video in our series highlighting the value of fun at work. Think about how you can use these concepts in your workplace and tell us about it.

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It isn’t always about the money – sometimes fun trumps money!

Our second video in our series about how fun can be a powerful motivator – in this case, it even trumps money! Join the dialogue.

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If it’s fun, people will do it!

First in a series of three video posts – Volkswagen helps Merge make her point! Add your ideas to the conversation

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How to create a fun, humour-filled workplace

Five specific ways to use fun and humour to increase employee morale and commitment – read Merge’s article in the latest issue of CGA Magazine.

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Our poll results are in!

Fun workplaces have increased employee morale, greater creativity and innovation, enhanced performance, improved organizational commitment, and decreased turnover. So we asked: is your workplace fun? Our online poll results may surprise you.

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