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Sexual harassment and the C-suite

Sexual harassment in organizations – lately it seems to be non-stop, and quite frankly, it’s increasingly hard to keep up.  Every few days, there is another headline news story about a senior executive (who should have known better) saying or

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Taking action on workplace bullying – early bird deadline on January 22

Earlier this month, I announced our first online event of this year – Don’t Back Down: Dealing with bullies in the workplace.  Well, the early bird deadline to register is almost here – only two more days to take advantage

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Taking action on workplace bullying – live online event on January 29

Whether you’re supervising a bully, or you’re the victim, workplace bullying is costing you!  As a manager, the cost is financial – lower productivity, decreased employee morale, and higher absenteeism and staff turnover.  As a target of bullying, the cost

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