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Taking action on workplace bullying – early bird deadline on January 22

bigstock-bullying-in-the-workplace-agg-34729010Earlier this month, I announced our first online event of this year – Don’t Back Down: Dealing with bullies in the workplace.  Well, the early bird deadline to register is almost here – only two more days to take advantage of significant savings – just until Wednesday January 22.

Whether you’re supervising a bully, or you’re the victim, workplace bullying is costing you!  As a manager, the cost is financial – lower productivity, decreased employee morale, and higher absenteeism and staff turnover.  As a target of bullying, the cost is your mental, emotional and physical health.  And it’s even worse if the bully is your boss!  But whatever your situation, taking action is critical if you want to change the outcome.  And that’s where I can help!

In this live online event, I’ll show you, specifically and in detail, what to watch for, what to do, and what to say in order to deal with the bullies in your work life.  It doesn’t matter whether it’s name calling, teasing, spreading unpleasant rumors, deliberate exclusion, intentional bodily harm, or even cyberbullying.  In one fast-paced, power-packed hour, you’ll learn how to put a permanent stop to the bullying so that you can create a respectful work environment where you, your co-workers and your employees want to work and excel.

Click here to register now – CLOSED

Here’s just some of what you’ll learn:

  • The key warning signs and symptoms of bullying, whether it’s you or your staff
  • How bullying is different from supervising or managing
  • The different forms that bullying can take in the workplace
  • Why leaders need to be alert to bullying and take action as needed
  • Your choices when you work with a bully – yes, you have alternatives!
  • What should you do if you’re the victim – concrete assertive actions you can take to bring the bully out in the open
  • What should you do if you’re the boss – specific actions you can take to eliminate bullying and create a respectful workplace
  • And what if the bully IS your boss – how to approach the situation without losing your job

Join me on January 29, 2014 at 11 AM MST. Early bird pricing in effect ONLY for TWO more days until Wednesday January 22!

Click here to register, or for more information – CLOSED

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