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Team building in hybrid workplaces isn’t difficult

Team building in hybrid workplaces can present a challenge simply because not everyone is in the same place at the same time.  But keeping your team motivated and engaged is possible. In today’s strategy, we’re looking at how to maintain high spirits and strong connections, no matter where your team members are physically located.

Be a connector, a celebrator, and an enabler for your hybrid team

When it comes to team building in hybrid workplaces, the key to success lies in the power of connection and recognition. In a hybrid setup, it’s easy for remote members to feel out of the loop. That’s why you should make it a point to have regular video check-ins. And here’s a tip: make these check-ins more than just status updates. Use them to genuinely connect, share a laugh, and offer support. I remember once, during a check-in, we ended up having an impromptu virtual coffee break. It was a simple act, but it significantly lifted everyone’s spirits.

Celebrating achievements is another pillar when it comes to team building in hybrid workplaces.  Recognition in a hybrid team needs a creative touch.  Whether someone’s in the office or logging in from afar, their accomplishments should be recognized and celebrated. Many of my clients have started a virtual “kudos” board, where team members can post their wins and everyone can join in the celebration. This simple tool has done wonders for their team’s morale.  Encourage your team to appreciate each other too. A peer recognition program where they can acknowledge each other’s efforts goes a long way in building a positive team spirit.

Don’t forget empowerment and learning

Empowering your team with responsibility is also pivotal. Assign tasks that challenge and excite them. Show trust in their capabilities. This not only boosts their confidence but also their commitment to the team’s goals.

And don’t forget the learning aspect. Make learning a shared experience. I’ve found that when team members teach each other, it not only enhances skills but also fosters a strong sense of community.  In a hybrid team, it’s about giving everyone, regardless of their location, opportunities to grow and take on meaningful responsibilities. Organize webinars and virtual workshops that cater to both in-office and remote members. If you implement online learning sessions and skill-sharing workshops that are accessible to all, you’ll not only keep your team up-to-date with the latest in your field but you’ll also foster a culture of growth and inclusivity.

As you navigate the nuances of team building in a hybrid world, remember that your role is to be the connector, the celebrator, and the enabler.  Start by implementing one of these strategies in your next team meeting. And I’d love to hear your experiences – please drop me a comment below sharing how you keep your hybrid team motivated.

Until our next video tip, keep leading with compassion, creativity, and a focus on unity. Together, we’ll build teams that are not just successful, but also happy and connected, no matter where they are. If you’d like to view the previous two videos in this series, you can find them here.

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