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The enemy of creativity is impossible

All the organizational leaders I speak to assert that they want innovation and creativity in their employees.  But are they creating an environment that fosters creativity and persistence?  Not always.

“That’s impossible”

creativity“That’s impossible,” they say.

Just like carrying your entire music collection in your back pocket is impossible.

Just like finding your life partner on the Internet is impossible.

Just like getting clear driving instructions, adjusted in real time, for live traffic conditions is impossible.

Just like making some extra money driving strangers around in your vehicle is impossible.

Just like asking a multitude of questions of an inanimate object sitting on your counter, and getting fairly intelligent answers in response, is impossible.

Just like being able to take a digital photograph of yourself, by yourself, holding a stick in your hand is impossible.

Hamburgers made without meat – not possible.  A watch that does more than your desktop computer – ridiculous.  And a self-driving car, out of the question!

Every innovation, revolutionary product or service, or giant leap forward in how we live and work, will most certainly be impossible.  Until it isn’t.

Which side of creativity are you on?

Which side are you on? Are you working on the next impossible?  Or are you being talked (or talking yourself) out of impossible, and producing unoriginal, commonplace, and banal?

It takes creativity, confidence, and tenacity to keep working on the impossible.  Which means it’s not easy.  I’d love to hear about your experiences – successful or not.   Please share by adding your comment below.

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