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Sometimes it’s worth thinking a decision through to its final outcome

This photo was forwarded to me by a friend and business colleague.  It was accompanied by the following caption:

These contractors are installing steel pillars in concrete to stop vehicles from parking on the pavement outside a Sports Bar downtown. They are now in the process of cleaning up at the end of the day and anxious to go home. How long do you think it’ll be before they realize where they parked their truck?

Funny, I know, but it also illustrates an important leadership concept – the importance of thinking through your decisions to the final result.  Clearly these gentlemen failed in this regard.  Unfortunately, during the course of my leadership development practice, I have seen more examples than I care to admit where leaders have taken actions without fully thinking through the implications and eventual outcomes.  What about you?  Have you observed situations where there is obvious lack of foresight?  Please share by clicking on the Comment link below.

PS. Unfortunately, I have been unable to determine the source of this photo and so have been unable to properly credit it, but if someone has some information in this regard, please drop me a quick email.

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