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Tip #7 to remember as a new manager – you will now be viewed differently by others

For several weeks now, I have been running a video tip series on what a new manager should know and watch out for when s/he makes the switch to a supervisory or management role.  Last week I talked about recognizing that you will have to play the role of “buffer”.  In my final (at least for now) post on this topic, today’s video talks about one final shift in thinking that a new manager should make: be aware that the people around you will view you differently.

You will now be viewed differently by others

When you get the title of supervisor or manager, the people around you experience a significant and major shift in job perception.  Once you get promoted to new supervisor or new manager, you are cast into a new role that comes with different expectations and perceptions.  For one, you are probably paid more than the members of your team, and probably receive different (and in most cases improved) benefits.   Many of your benefits will be perceived as “perks” by your people.  It doesn’t matter if you think they are perks or not, that’s the way they will be perceived by others.  And these perceptions will create unexpected consequences, some of them not so pleasant.

By virtue of your title, you will have access to information and resources that your staff will not.  Sometimes that will make your people feel vulnerable.   You have to appreciate that in your new role, there is a status separation between your role and those of your staff.  It doesn’t matter whether it is perceived or real, it’s there.

As a result, you can no longer be “just one of the guys”.  Respect that, don’t fight it.  Focus instead on working to open the lines of communication as much as you can.  This fact is a reality of your new manager role, learn to live with it, don’t get frustrated by it.

Seven tips so far:

So today was my final tip in this series.  Here are links to the first six, if you want them:

Now it’s your turn.  What are your tips for other leaders who have just recently taken on a formal leadership role?  What did you discover that you wish you’d known earlier, when you first made the transition to the role of new manager or new supervisor?  Please add your comments below.

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