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To achieve goals, get up and get going

achieve goalsLast month, a lot of people made New Year’s resolutions.  And just as many didn’t.  But whether you make and keep (or don’t keep) New Year’s resolutions, we all have a need to achieve goals.  You, just like everyone else, have ambitions and aspirations.  Deep inside, there will always be something(s) that you really want, some objective(s) you want to accomplish, some measure that defines success, on your terms.

Consider the story of a recent immigrant to the country, who for the very first time, went to a cafeteria for lunch.  Not accustomed to the workings of a cafeteria, he sat down at an empty table, and waited for someone to come and take his order.  And not surprisingly, no one did.  Noticing his confusion, a woman with a tray of food sat down and proceeded to explain the system to him.  “They’re not going to bring it out to you. You have to go and get it yourself.  Go to the start of the line, and then just get going.  Walk along and make your choices.”  Sensing that he was still hesitant, she encouragingly added, “Don’t worry, it’s easier once you’re up there.”

To achieve goals, think about how you would get food in a cafeteria …

In much the same way, no matter how you define success, remember that if you want to achieve goals, it is like going to a cafeteria.  You’ll never get what you want if you wait for someone to bring it to you.  You have to get up, get going, and get it yourself!  And yes, the lady was right, it does get easier once you get started!

What are you doing to achieve goals?  Or perhaps more directly, if you made New Year’s resolutions last month, how are you coming along?  Are you sitting back and waiting for your desires to fall into your lap, or are you getting up and taking action.  Do tell!  Please share your experiences by adding your comment below.

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