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Merge works with leaders to help them get a better understanding of both their strengths as well as their weaknesses. Successful leaders know that it’s only by honestly assessing their skills that they can determine where to focus their energies for continued growth and development. Self-assessments are one type of tool that Merge offers her clients to help them build emotional intelligence skills such as self-awareness and self-regulation.


What Our Clients are Saying

“Merge was willing to understand our business in order to tailor her leadership program for our Restaurant Owners. If you want a resource to help you expand your leadership knowledge even after the session has ended, then we recommend Merge.”

Operations Standards Manager, Technology
Tim Hortons Inc.


Do you have a high-performing team?

Just imagine … a team of talented results-oriented people who are tight-knit yet self-sufficient; resourceful and imaginative yet keenly focused on your departmental and organizational goals; collaborative yet openly welcoming of healthy conflict. Only in your dreams you say? Not at all … it IS possible! But it takes skill and planning by a strong leader to make it happen. To move in that direction, you first need to know where you are today. This self-scoring evaluation will give you a yardstick by which to assess your current status as well as a means to measure your progress towards the ultimate goal – the highly productive and top-performing team!.

How emotionally intelligent are you?

Researchers and business experts agree that people with high emotional intelligence (or EQ) are consistently the top-performers in organizations. They’re more resilient and adaptable when things go wrong, and as a result, they’re held in the highest regard by their bosses, co-workers, employees and others. In fact, studies show that your EQ is a better predictor of your professional success than either your IQ or your technical skills. Take this self-assessment to gain an insight into your EQ level.

What is your Coaching IQ?

Winning teams, whether on the playing field or in the workplace, don’t just happen! It takes a skilled coach to capitalize on the potential of each member of a team. If you are a leader who wants exceptional results from your workplace team, then recognize that your department’s success is directly proportional to your coaching mindset and ability. Take this self-assessment to gain an insight into your coaching IQ.

Do you give effective feedback?

It’s no secret that those who have mastered the art of giving feedback are hugely successful as leaders in the workplace. Whether you’re working with employees or co-workers, and no matter if your remarks are positive or negative, the information you share can be incredibly helpful to others … IF you know how to deliver your message in a way that is constructive, heard and acted upon. Find out how effective you are in giving feedback to others.

Are you cut out for supervision?

If you’re like most people, moving into a supervisory role will require that you significantly change the way you think. The transition from non-management to management is easier if you are mentally “ready” to take on this demanding, yet immensely satisfying, job. Find out how “ready” you are!

How well do you delegate?

If you are a manager or supervisor then you are entrusted with getting things done. And as a leader, that means getting things done through other people. Your challenge: other people don’t always do things the way you would. Your dilemma: you can’t achieve leadership success unless you achieve delegation success. Find out whether you have mastered the attitudes and beliefs to be a successful delegator.