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Validation — so many leadership lessons

Okay, true, this video is longer than usual – about 16 minutes.  But really, it’s worth it!  Starring T.J. Thyne (of television show Bones fame), it won a whole slew of awards as best short film at various film festivals.  It is described as the magic of free parking, but that description doesn’t do it justice.  Really, it’s so much more.  If you’re a leader, do yourself and favour and watch it; there are several messages and reminders of what it takes to be an exceptional leader.

So what are your leadership lessons?  Here are some of mine:

  • It’s important to validate what your people do.  Not necessarily by complimenting them, but at least by acknowledging the skills and value they bring to your department or organization.  (Okay the movie did lay the flattery on a little thick, but they were making a point!)
  • When people enjoy what they do, getting work done becomes a lot easier.
  • Even the most positive person can eventually be affected by a negative environment.  So as leaders, it’s important that we work to create positive and productive workplaces.
  • Sometimes we have to deliberately remind ourselves that we can and must find reasons to smile, despite negative events that may be occurring around and to us.
  • There are some workplaces (hopefully not yours) where people who smile and have fun are frowned upon!  What a miserable way to spend eight hours a day!!
  • Persistence and tenacity can pay off (he got the girl, didn’t he?)
  • Seemingly random acts of kindness come back to create positive outcomes.  Worth remembering in our busy workdays when sometimes it just feels like we’re doing everything possible to keep our heads above water.

What do you think?  Did I miss any?


  • Well besides the fact that it made me cry at the end, it also reminded me to try and get over the Monday morning blah’s a bit – apropos point #4! Thanks for posting this 🙂


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