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Want engaged employees? Learn together as a team

Last week, in our series on practical low- or zero-cost ways to create high-performing engaged employees, I suggested that you boost employee morale by letting them represent your organization at external events.  Today’s tip: organize a team-building and learning day.

Organize a team-building and learning day

Teamwork and engaged employees go hand in hand.  If your employees are engaged, they work together towards common team goals.  And if employees feel like they’re part of a cohesive, strong and highly-productive team, then they are highly-engaged.  Which makes any emphasis you place on learning and team-building a very powerful motivator.  So organize a team-building and learning day.

Make sure to set it up so that there is both a learning component and a fun component.  Ideally, about three-quarters of the day should be devoted to learning – which could be technical updates, soft-skills development, or a combination – and about one-quarter should constitute the fun part – a trivia afternoon at the pub, a visit to an escape room, or neon bowling – anything that requires employees to play in teams.  If your budget permits, bring in an outside facilitator for the learning portion; they are skilled at creating the right tone and developing customized material that is the most relevant for your people.

One of the most powerful ways to create engaged employees, to let your employees know that you value them, is to invest in them.  And a team-building and learning day is an ideal way to do exactly that!

Tell me about whether you’ve recently had a team-building and learning day, and how it went.  Was it successful?  I’d love to hear about your experiences, so please add your comment below.

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