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Want engaged employees? Let them interact meaningfully with senior management

Today’s post on the blog continues with another specific idea on how to build a team of highly-motivated and engaged employees.  Last week’s tip was to organize a team-building and learning day.  And today’s strategy is to find opportunities to give your strong employees exposure to your senior management by assigning them to appropriate task forces and committees.

Give your people opportunities to show their strengths to senior management

Many of your employees aspire to bigger and better opportunities.  So when you put them in situations where they can demonstrate their skills and talents to others who can also help them achieve their career goals, the result is highly engaged employees.  This scenario is a win in many aspects.  It’s a win because your employees’ professional networks are broadened, allowing them to “show their stuff” to other key influencers.  It is a win for you because you are recognized as the person who identified and brought forward this talent.  And it is a win for the organization because you have intelligent engaged employees working on important initiatives that matter.  So it’s a win-win-win!

Engaged employees are the result of deliberate intentions

The key to making this motivator work is to be deliberate and intentional about it.  Think about who your best people.  Ask yourself what assignments or special projects you can have them work on that will showcase their strengths to senior management.  Then consciously and thoughtfully set them up to shine.  The result: highly engaged employees.

I’d love to know if you’ve experienced this motivator, either as the leader creating these opportunities, or as an individual on the receiving end.  Let us know more about your experiences by commenting below please.

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