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Want motivated employees? Don’t forget to thank their supporters

Today’s blog entry continues with our video series on what it takes to create motivated employees.  Two weeks ago I gave you a simple powerful strategy, yet one that is often forgotten – to say thank you.  Today’s tip is an extension of that idea.  Want motivated employees?  Say thank you to the employee’s support people.  And by support people, I mean their spouses and their families.

Say thank you to the employee’s support people

Saying thank you to an employee’s spouse and family is an important and effective way to show employees that you care. Let’s face it, the reality is that when employees go above and beyond, it usually affects their personal lives and thus their families. Saying thank you to an employee is effective (and that’s what I told you about in my last post in this series), but saying thank you to those who are impacted at home by the employee’s extra effort at work is absolutely brilliant!

It really works!

So let me give you a real-life first-person account of how powerful this strategy is.  My husband -– working 14+ hour days as he helps finalize the company’s worldwide year-end for the organization he works for.  I’m barely seeing him at home, and some nights he’s been involved in all-nighters, so he’s lucky if he gets a few hours of sleep at the hotel across the street from his office.  And then suddenly and entirely unexpectedly, this gourmet food hamper arrives at the front door! Accompanied by a card – “Please accept this small gesture of my appreciation for your family’s patience and sacrifice during the company’s year-end close” – and it was signed by a senior manager at my husband’s company.  Yes, this happened to me.

And even though I teach this stuff, I have to tell you I was absolutely blown away.  Think about it – if you can secure the support of your employees’ spouses, you’ve just taken a giant step towards happier, more productive and motivated employees.

Well, what do you think?  Good idea, or not?  I’ve had some people tell me that this comes across as blatantly manipulative, but I have to tell you, as the person on the receiving end of this gesture, I certainly didn’t feel that way.  Please share your thoughts by commenting below.

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