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Want to know how to get promotions? Get tagged as a HiPo

In my leadership development consultancy, I frequently work one-on-one with employees in a mentoring relationship.  And one of the questions I am often asked, particularly by those fairly young in their careers, is how to get promotions.  And the answer – get recognized as a HiPo.  Now that’s pronounced “hy-po”, not “hippo”, so it has nothing to do with large semi-aquatic African mammals.  But it has everything to do with how to do with how to get promotions!

My latest column is now live on The Globe and Mail’s site, after a hiatus of several months.  And the subject is …. HiPos, or high-potential employees.  That illustrious group of individuals who have been tagged as the solid performers in an organization. These are the people who are invited to key meetings, asked for input on a variety of decisions, and offered advanced learning opportunities. They’re also the ones who get the promotions.

So what does it take to be recognized as a HiPo? Is it just who you know, coupled with the luck of the draw? Or can you influence how you and your talents are perceived among the powers-that-be? The answer, in my opinion, is the unequivocally the latter.

In Want to be the employee who gets promotions? Seven steps to gaining high-potential status, I offer (surprise!) seven actions you can take to position yourself as a HiPo.

how to get promotions

If you’re a paid online subscriber to The Globe, you can also access this directly at their site via this link:

I’d love to hear about your experiences on this subject of HiPos.  For some reason, people either love the concept, or hate it!  And I want to know what you think.  Please share your thoughts by adding your comment below.

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