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Want to work from home permanently? Think about how it will affect your career

Regular readers know that I am a great supporter of flexibility in the work environment, specifically when organizations and their leaders make it possible for employees to work from home, at least occasionally.  This kind of flexibility builds morale and employee engagement, and can even improve work productivity.

But should you work from home?

But just because you can work from home, does it mean that you should?  In my latest column in The Globe and Mail, published online last Friday, I make the case for why you may NOT want to opt to work from home.  I specifically address the challenges and potential problems that come with working remotely.  And the negative repercussions they could have on your career progression and ultimate success.

Read: Is working from home good for your career? Six drawbacks that point to from homeIf you’re a paid online subscriber to The Globe, you can also access this directly at their site via this link:


This column generated a lot of dialogue on The Globe‘s site.  Most people thought I’d missed the mark, and that the disadvantages of working from home were minimal compared to the benefits.  I want to hear what you think!  Am I raising a warning flag when there is nothing to be worried about? Or do you see the validity in what I have to say. Please share your thoughts by adding a comment below.



  • Thank you for this article, Merge. You raise a topic that requires deeper discussion; formal vs. informal interactions. By being physically present, you allow yourself the opportunity to be be part of informal interactions with colleagues. These interactions allow people to get to know each other on a deeper level, which is critical in building trusting and productive relationships.

    • Thanks Jason, appreciate your input. This is clearly not a topic with a simple conclusion; but as long as we continue to dialogue about it, I believe that we’ll find our way through.


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