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We’re taking a break until January 7!

January 7Boy, 2020 has been quite the year, hasn’t it?  Last year, at about this time, I penned my final blog post for 2019.  It was a cheery note, eagerly looking forward to the new year in 2020.  At that time of course, I had absolutely no idea as to what was to come.  As they say, ignorance is bliss.  Since then, we’ve faced a global pandemic, physical restrictions, remote working, a worldwide social justice movement, and that’s just the macro stuff.  At the micro level, the impact has been so much more acute.  Now, I’m just glad that 2020 is almost in our rear-view mirror.

We’re taking a short break here at the Turning Managers Into Leaders blog to pause, rejuvenate, reconsider, and gear up for 2021.  We have big plans for the new year.  Even though an effective vaccine for COVID-19 seems to be on the horizon, I anticipate that we will not all return to workplaces right away, and that the hybrid workplace may be our reality for at least a year.  We are developing programs and tools to help leaders be successful in this shift.  But no matter what actually happens, we will still start dialogues, exchange ideas, and strive for leadership excellence.  Here on the blog, I am excitedly looking forward to another fantastic year of conversation and constructive disagreements in the pursuit of better leadership.

We’ll be back on Thursday January 7.  Until then, my best wishes to all of you and your loved ones for a safe, healthy time within your bubble, and let’s all look forward to a 2021 that is so fabulous that 2020 will remain just a distant memory!  See you next year!

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