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What did you “ship”?

Debbie Elicksen, Canada’s publishing expert, is a professional colleague and a friend.  And lest I forget, she was also the project manager for the 2nd edition of my book Why Does the Lobster Cast Off Its Shell?, but I digress  from the real purpose of today’s blog post …

Debbie puts out a regular e-newsletter on publishing and book marketing and the latest issue is headlined “Ship or Get Off the Pot”.  Her provocative title is referring specifically to a concept advocated by best-selling author Seth Godin.  Godin preaches shipping.  Not shipping of books or products to a destination, but rather the “shipping” of deliverables – getting things done, achieving a goal, reaching the finish line, delivering completed products and services – you know, accomplishing significant goals and objectives.

So with Seth Godin in mind, Debbie sat back and took an inventory of 2010 and what she had “shipped” during the year.  Her list was admirable; yet she said the results surprised her.  Apparently, she’d “shipped” a lot more than she’d realized.  She ended with a challenge to her readers to do the same.  It intrigued me, so I took her up on the challenge.  And guess what?  My list surprised me too!  So now I’m passing on the challenge.  It’s your turn, make a list of what you “shipped” in 2010. I’m betting your list will surprise you as well.

Here’s my list:

  • Delivered 82 speaking engagements
  • Completed my first-ever speaking engagements in the Netherlands, China, Singapore and Australia
  • Crossed the 41,000 mark for total number of people who have attended my keynotes and workshops
  • Produced four new audio CDs
    • How to Communicate with Confidence, Clarity and Credibility
    • Motivating Employees Without Spending a Fortune!
    • Mastering the Secrets of Persuasive Communication
    • Managing Employees with Lousy Performances, Unacceptable Behavior or Rotten Attitudes
  • Acquired eight new (to us) clients
  • Launched three new learning programs
  • Wrote six installments of my regular Further Than Figures column for CGA Magazine
  • Achieved several key milestones as the Chair of the Branding & Visibility portfolio for the Canadian Association of Professional Speakers (CAPS)
  • Presented with the (highly-coveted) 2010 CAPS President’s Award for Distinguished Service – Woo hoo!
  • Provided expert commentary for a Calgary Herald (and other national media) front-page story about the top issues in the workplace
  • Guested on the TrendPOV show with Dr. Amy Vanderbilt, talking about the top five trends in the workforce

So … what’s your list?  Try it for yourself and of course, let me know how you do!




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