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What do you want to know about creating a fun productive workplace?

So the research unequivocally shows that employees who have fun at work are also more motivated and productive.  Which means that if you’re a leader, it VERY worth your while to create a work climate that your employees find enjoyable, entertaining, playful and encouraging.  But not at the sacrifice of professionalism and performance!  On Wednesday September 14, I’m leading a live Audio Conference on exactly this topic — using fun to motivate your team and maximize performance — and I’ll be opening the lines for questions.  So tell me — what is one thing that I could help you with or one obstacle that I could help you overcome in order to create a fun, positive and productive workplace? Go to to ask your question and I’ll answer as many as I can on September 14.

And while you’re at, be sure to vote in our “fun” online poll.  Tell us what your workplace is like, an see how others have answered this question.  Just click on the link on the bottom left of the screen.

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