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What is your biggest challenge when it comes to communicating unpopular decisions or changes?

There are times when you have to deliver bad news to your staff, or communicate unpopular decisions to your team … and let’s face it, sometimes those changes don’t always sit well with your people.  Ideally, what you really want is employee buy-in; but often you run the risk of doing exactly the opposite – alienating your team!  There’s no doubt, it’s a tough situation to be in!

And that’s exactly the topic I’ll be covering in my live Audio Conference on Wednesday May 2 in a program titled “The “Let’s Not Kill The Messenger” Manual – A Leader’s Guide to Communicating Unpopular Decisions and Changes”.  I’ll be opening the lines for questions, so I want to know —when it comes communicating, or sometimes even making, unpopular decisions or changes, what is your biggest challenge? What one thing could I help you with that would make the process easier? Go to to ask your question and I’ll answer as many as I can on May 2.

And while you’re at, be sure to download the free article — “Breaking Bad News: How to deliver unpleasant information with compassion and credibility” — in which I offer seven definitive things you need to consider.   Just click on the link on the bottom left of the screen.

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