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What is your single greatest challenge in your new leadership role?

leadershipWhen you make that big move into a position of leadership, the skills that made you successful in the past are likely to cause you to fail as a new leader!  Earlier, you were probably recognized and rewarded for your track record in getting things done; but when you have staff that report to you, your success is now measured by how well you can get other people to get things done.  And that’s not always as easy as you might hope!

Which is exactly the topic that I’ll be discussing in my next live audio conference on May 22, 2013“Lead Smart – How to avoid the most common first-time leader mistakes” will focus both on the most common traps that leaders (particularly new ones) fall into, and the key specific actions you should take to quickly to get yourself and your team into a high-performance state of mind.  I’d like your help in designing the content of this conference.  Tell me — if you are an aspiring or fairly new manager or supervisor, what is your single greatest challenge in your new leadership role?  And if you’re a seasoned experienced leader, think back to your early days, and tell me, in hindsight, what DID you find the most difficult?  Go to to ask your question and not only will your answers help me determine the key issues I should discuss, but I’ll also answer as many of your questions as I can on May 22.

And while you’re at, be sure to download the free article – “Crossing the Bridge: Going from Non-management to Management” — in which I lay out the seven aspects of occupational change that you MUST take into account in order to set yourself up for leadership success.  Just click on the link on the bottom left of the screen.

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