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When you offer to help, you enhance your relationship with your manager

Last week, in my second post in my recent ongoing series about how to improve your working relationship with your manager, I gave you a “don’t” – don’t correct your boss in front of others.  Today, I want to cover one last (at least for now) piece of advice in this series – look for ways to help.

Offer to help

Build a stronger relationship with your managerAsk your manager if she needs assistance with any project or initiative she has on the go.  Many bosses have very full plates, and like most of us, they’re not always good about asking for help.  But when you offer, when you ask if you can lend a hand, your swamped manager will often gratefully accept.  Sure, you’ve likely got enough to do already, but when you show a willingness to push beyond the day-to-day and take on more than your core responsibilities, you’re sending a very positive message about yourself.  And it’s a message that carries a great deal of weight when it comes to advancement opportunities.

You’ll achieve more than just a better relationship with your manager

So offer to help.  At minimum, you’ll build a stronger relationship with your manager.  But in all likelihood, you’ll also end up learning new skills, developing relationships with others in the organization, and paving the way for future opportunities down the road.

This is my last post in this installment of ideas on how to build a better working relationship with your manager.  Now it’s your turn.  What else do you have to add to the list?  Please share your comments below.

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