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When your people feel like they’ve been heard … you get motivated employees

Today is strategy #11 in our continuing series on specific actions you can take as a leader to create productive workplaces characterized by positive, high-performing and motivated employees.  And so what is today’s strategy?  Listen.  Listen intently.

Listen intently

Making the effort and taking the time to listen to your people is a powerful means to an end-result of engaged and motivated employees.  When you listen, really listen, to what your people are telling you, what you’re really telling them is that they are important and their point of view matters.  And by the way, let me be clear, listening, really listening, does not necessarily mean that you need to agree with your employees’ perspective, or act on what they are telling you.  You don’t.  It’s the act of listening that is a powerful motivator.  When you listen, it simply means that you affirm others, and that you respect them.  The amazing thing about respect is that when you offer respect, you get it back.  And when people feel heard … you get motivated employees.

Listening: the gift that keeps on giving

Besides, there is another benefit of listening.  Listening gives you more information, more data, and who knows, you might hear something that will allow you to make better decisions. Is it possible you’re your employees might know more about what they do than you?  The truth is, no matter what your area of expertise and how intelligent you are, you don’t know everything, and when you take the time to listen, you get access to different perspectives and additional information, all of which allow you to better achieve your intended outcomes.  So take the time to listen intently to your staff.

This is idea #11 in a series of specific actions I have been suggesting since the start of the year to create a working environment that results in positive, high-performing and motivated employees.  And I’ve got more to offer as the year continues.  But what are your ideas?  You can see a summary of all the video blogs in this series so far at my website (Motivating Employees Video Series), so let me know what resonates the most with you?  Or alternatively, what you think I’m missing?  If you’ve got one that I haven’t already considered, I’ll add it to my list for a future video post.

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