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Why is persuading others over to your point of view so difficult?

When you speak, do people stop and listen? Do they nod their heads in agreement, and then roll up their sleeves to help you accomplish goals and get things done? Can you influence others to come around to your point of view, particularly when their minds are already made up? If you answered yes, then you are one of a chosen few!  Congratulations! And please, share some of your secrets with us by clicking on the Add a Comment link below.

But, what about everyone else?  Do you find that your contributions in the workplace aren’t getting the attention they deserve and that others don’t often come around to your point of view?  If that’s you, I’m interested in knowing what is your biggest challenge when it comes to getting your ideas recognized, accepted and implemented in the workplace. Ask your tough questions at, and I’ll do my best to answer as many as I can in my live Audio Conference coming up on September 16.

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