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Why perfectionism is NOT a good thing!

The most popular business books of the last two decades all advocate workplace excellence and organizational achievement.  No quarrel there.  But this constant emphasis on being “the best” causes many to think that perfection is the ultimate goal.  After all, perfectionism is positive, right?  It’s synonymous with being an over-achiever; the kind of person who sets bold goals and blazes new trails to momentous achievements.  But the unvarnished truth is that in the workplace, there are more downsides to perfectionism than there are benefits.

In this month’s issue of CGA Magazine, I lay out five reasons perfectionism is NOT a plus,  AND if you happen to be “guilty as charged”, five specific things that you can do to break the pattern.  Read Perfectionism is Not a Plus: The business case for 80 per cent resultsAnd once you’re done, c’mon back and share your views about perfectionism right here on the blog.


  • It is really worth reading.Each and every word is based on facts. It is a fact that most of the time is wasted in just thinking about the perfect way of doing a task,rather than getting it done on time.Time and tide wait for no one; so the result is ” Unaccomplished Task”

    • I agree wholeheartedly with you Tauseef. Most people procrastinate because they want to do it perfectly, and since that is almost always impossible, they end up putting it off and off and off, until it becomes a panic situation.


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