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Working with Millennials – give them variety (but with structure)

Millennial13In previous blog posts, I’ve offered up specific ideas on how to work more effectively with the Millennial generation, the newest entrants into the workplace. By the way, just in case you didn’t know, Millennials are defined as those born between 1980 and 1994.

In today’s and my next blog post, I have two more specific approaches to give you.

Give them variety … but with structure. Let me explain. Millennials are easily bored. So, as much as you can, change their responsibilities frequently. And if it’s possible, rotate them through assignments more often. Now I’m not suggesting that they “flit” from one job to the other, but compared to other generations, this one needs more variety. Keep in mind though that this variety also needs structure. Remember, their childhoods were organized to the nth degree, so this generation thrives on structure. Plus, you can’t forget that they’re still relatively inexperienced, so establishing a framework for them sets them up for success.

For example: instead of saying “Can you produce a first-draft design for this new online course?” say “Here’s the drive where you can find the last two courses we designed. Review what’s there, and using the same template, but your own knowledge and perspectives, create a new outline of this course. Specifically, I’d like you to produce a complete design that we can then put through a peer review process after which we’ll start creating the detailed content.” Do you see the difference?

Thoughts on this? Would love your insights, whether you’re working with Millennials or you are one! Please add to the Comments link below.

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