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Working with Millennials – invite them to get involved

Millennial10Earlier this week, I blogged about one way to tap into and harness the immense potential that the Millennial generation brings to the workplace – give them variety (but with structure). I had promised to offer up another idea today, so here it is.

Invite them to get involved. Millennials are, by nature, team players. They love to have fun. They want to be part of a bigger story. And if the bigger story is for the greater good, even better! So ask your Millennial to spearhead this year’s United Way (or other charity) campaign. Get him to implement the office’s recycling plan. Ask her to be a “buddy” to the new office intern. As long as it’s about fun and flexibility, your Millennials will jump in and get involved.

Well, what are your thoughts? So far I’ve given you several ideas, but what do you think? Millennials? Those of you who work with them? Add your Comments below.

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