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Working with Millennials – state your expectations for results

Millennial04Four weeks ago, I gave you two specific tips on how to work more effectively with the Millennial generation – give them respect (despite their youth) and view them as free agents.  I had a few requests for some more ideas, so today, and in my next post, I offer you two more.

State your expectations for results.  When you are clear about the outcomes you desire, you give your Millennials structure, which they thrive on.  Keep in mind that this is a generation that is very score-card driven.  They’ve spent their entire lives “checking stuff off” their lists, so they are very comfortable operating with goals and deadlines.  If you state your expected results clearly, chances are high that they’ll deliver, and with substance and style!

Well, what do you think?  Has this been your experience as well as a supervisor or manager?  If you’re a Millennial (roughly between the ages of 19 and 33) then do you agree with this as well as the tips I offered in my two recent posts?  I’d know we’d all love to hear your take on this subject!

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