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Workplace expectations have changed, and so should how you lead

My latest column for The Globe and Mail published on Friday.  In this article – Workplace expectations have changed in six key ways and so should how you lead – I reflect on the six significant changes that have occurred in the workplace mindset over the past three years, primarily driven by the coronavirus pandemic.  There are six key shifts that have occurred over the last more than two years that are substantial enough that you cannot overlook them. None of them should be a surprise, but don’t let their simplicity or their prevalence cause you to disregard them. In fact, ignore them at your peril.

workplace expectations


My reason for bringing up this subject is that if you’re operating with an old dated approach to leadership, then you’re setting yourself (and your people) up to fail.  Employees’, clients’, customers’, management’s expectations have changed, and it’s critical that you, as a leader, adapt your approach to this new environment.  Else, you’ll put your organization at a competitive disadvantage.

If you’re a paid online subscriber to The Globe, you can also access this directly at their site via this link:

So … what do you think about my take on the shift in workplace expectations?  Do the six I’ve identified match up with your experience?  Have I missed any?  Let me know what you think please.  Add your comment below.

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