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Workplace motivators fundamental: provide a safe and comfortable working environment

Today’s video blog continues with our ongoing series this year on effective workplace motivators.  In our last two instalments, I talked about giving employees performance feedback that was both timely and constructive.  Today’s tip, while quite different, is just as fundamental: provide your employees with a safe comfortable working environment.

Give your employees a safe and comfortable working environment

This is pretty basic – when you provide a safe and comfortable working environment, you are creating a positive working space that improves staff performance and job satisfaction.  It doesn’t matter whether you’re managing teams on a factory floor or a tower-full of office workers, when you offer comfortable and inspiring surroundings, you are tapping into important workplace motivators.

Your employees need to be safe, all day, every day. Check that your facilities are adhering to building codes and fire regulations, make sure all smoke detectors and alarms are working properly.  Equip your workspaces with fire extinguishers and first aid kits.   Once you’ve covered the safety basics, work on comfort.  Are restrooms, lounge areas, and workstations clean?  Is there sufficient ventilation?  Does the heating and air conditioning work?  Is there access to a kitchen area?  These may seem like trivial matters, but don’t underestimate how important they can be.  Can you imagine working without them?

Go beyond just the obvious

Encourage your employees to take real breaks, away from their primary workspaces.   A walk outside can do wonders for morale and creativity, but it doesn’t have to stop there.  Support physical activity such as sports and yoga classes.  Not only will these improve camaraderie among coworkers, it will also reinforce the expectation that your employees should take full, regular breaks.  If it’s possible, provide employees with a quiet, comfortable place to relax, where they can take a moment to regroup if there’s been a stressful situation, or simply lie down if they have a headache.  Giving employees the ability to disconnect, even for a few minutes, can be invaluable for both your work environment and your staff’s well-being.

While today’s tip may sound very rudimentary, don’t underestimate its power as a workplace motivator.  When you give your employees a safe comfortable working environment, you will see the positive impact in morale and motivation.

So … do most workplaces get this right?  Or are the fundamentals getting missed.  Would love you hear about your experiences, so please comment below.

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