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Would you change how you interacted with your employees if they were volunteers?

There are hundreds of not-for-profit organizations that are successfully run with small armies of volunteers. It certainly isn’t the money that is keeping them engaged, committed and involved. So what is? If you ask them, here’s what they’ll tell you. They feel that they are significant, that they matter. They feel like they are appreciated and recognized. They feel like they are supported in what they do. They feel like they are empowered to take action.

What if your employees were volunteers? Would that change how you interacted with them? If you want the kind of engagement and commitment that not-for-profit organizations get from their employees, then perhaps it’s time to start thinking about them as if they were volunteers.

What are you doing (or what can you do) to create a workplace where your employees feel significant, appreciated, supported, and empowered? Let’s get the conversation going!

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