High Heels That Click: Why Female Leadership Has Its Advantages

Beyond just the obvious, men and women really are different beings! Research clearly demonstrates that women view and respond differently to specific workplace situations than men do. And unfortunately, in the past, these differences were perceived by many as disadvantages in leadership and success. Get ready to explode that myth! In this entertaining, engaging, and sometimes tongue-in-cheek keynote, Merge outlines five significant traits that separate the women from the men, and shows how the things that set us apart as women actually set us ahead as leaders. Using colorful anecdotes and compelling metaphors, you’ll see how what makes you distinct also makes you incomparable.

Note to organizers:

This keynote is best suited for an audience of women in any position of professional or personal leadership. While it is occasionally irreverent and tongue-in-cheek when it comes to the differences between men and women, it is still nevertheless respectful to both genders, and so can also be delivered to a “mixed” audience. Here’s just some of what attendees will learn:

  • The research behind the reality – what the empirical data tells us about the differences in how men and women communicate
  • The five things women are more likely to do in the workplace … and perhaps more importantly, why they give us an advantage when it comes to leadership
  • Compelling and unforgettable metaphors that illustrate and celebrate how women make great leaders

Main themes: women in leadership, “girl power”, workplace differences between women and men