Price:   $297
If you’ve been in your formal leadership role for less than two years, or if you’re thinking about making the jump into supervision, then this series specifically addresses the issues and challenges faced by first-time leaders.

Price:   $297
This series covers off the six most common questions we get from supervisors and managers everywhere – how to deal with different personalities, give feedback, delegate work to others, motivate employees, manage remote workers, and cope with escalating workloads.

Price:   $297
They say effective leadership is all about communication … and they’re right! Unfortunately, while there are a lot of people telling you “what” to do, nobody’s ever around to tell you “how”. Until now. Step-by-step, in detail and with examples, be constructive, heard and acted upon.

Price:   $297
Your job as a leader is to get a group of (often diverse) people working together. But different personalities, diverse working styles, and conflicting motivations can all make this a lot harder than you might expect! Create high-performing teams that work well together.

Price:   $297
Problem employees and situations! Even though they likely make up only a small percentage of what you do every day, they still take up a disproportionate amount of your time and energy; time and energy that you could be using elsewhere. But fret no more; help is here!

Price:   $997
Can’t choose? Get them all! Our leadership skills series is created to help leaders deal with just about any responsibility or situation that can come up on any given day on the job. By investing in the entire set, you’ll have a complete resource library, at your finger-tips!

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