Possible Leadership Training Topics

Based on her conversations with over 280 clients, Merge has found that some topics come up repeatedly as areas in which leaders could use additional help in their journey towards excellence.  While every program that Merge does is custom-designed based on your specific needs and objectives, you may find this list of titles helpful as you try and determine where best to focus your leadership development efforts.  Please … consider these as merely “suggestions” to get the discussion started! Peruse them and let Merge know what catches your attention; she’ll use your initial responses as a “jumping-off” point to get the dialogue going, and then she’ll expertly craft a program that is relevant and meaningful to your leaders and your unique situations.

Basic Tools

  • Early steps in leadership – knowledge, skills and confidence to hit the ground running
  • Making the transition from a technical to a leadership role – it's an occupational change!
  • How to avoid the most common first-time leader mistakes

Essential tools

  • Leading a hybrid team
  • Leading a virtual team
  • Zero- and low-cost ways to motivate the troops
  • Are we having fun yet? – motivating your team and maximizing performance
  • How to coach a winning team
  • Personality performance – the inside scoop on forming high-performing teams
  • Leading multiple generations in the workplace
  • How to effectively manage off-site employees
  • Effective delegation skills
  • Overcoming negativity in the workplace
  • Mastering the performance evaluation process – you can’t manage what you don’t measure
  • Emotional intelligence – the keys to working more effectively with others
  • Juggling your workload – prioritization and time management skills for leaders
  • Meeting management – an important leadership skill
  • Just for leaders – project management 101
  • Best practices in interviewing - how to get the right person for the job, every time!
  • Employee retention strategies
  • Strategies and tactics for embracing and leading change
  • Managing employees who are resistant to change
  • Building bridges and fighting fires: tools and skills for problem-solving and decision-making

Communication tools

  • Best practices in virtual facilitation
  • Interpersonal communication skills for leaders
  • How to give effective feedback
  • Flexing your leadership style
  • The essence of assertiveness
  • Mastering the secrets of persuasive communication
  • How to communicate with confidence, clarity and credibility
  • How to communicate unpopular decisions and changes

Power tools (for the really tough situations!)

  • Dealing with difficult people
  • Managing employees with lousy performances, unacceptable behavior or rotten attitudes
  • Overcoming negativity in the workplace
  • Effective feedback and discipline skills for leaders
  • Having difficult conversations with your employees and co-workers
  • Handling employee complaints and concerns

To get a first-hand idea of how Merge designs custom leadership development programs, please visit our Training case studies section.

If you’d like an example outline of one of Merge’s custom-designed programs, please contact us.  We can send you an outline of a graduated learning training program Merge designed for a client that incorporated live training, virtual distance learning, weekly self-reflection and peer support.

We invite you to contact us to set up a time for a no-obligation conversation with Merge about your specific needs and challenges.  Once we get the dialogue going, Merge can offer you more insights and advice on how to proceed.