Turning Managers into Leaders And People Power Into Results

Merge’s leadership development consultancy has one singular focus – to turn managers into leaders; to help great people become exceptional leaders so that they can turn their people power into real and tangible results.

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Merge takes real-world research and makes it relevant to your organization, combines it with time-tested strategies and delivers the entertaining tools, solutions and mindsets your managers need for long-term leadership success. Read More

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Merge knows that the best way to develop skills in your leaders is to craft a training program that is uniquely designed to meet the needs of your organization and your people. Read More

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While many of Merge’s live leadership learning events are designed for groups of people, that doesn’t mean that you’re on your own if you’re looking for learning opportunities just for yourself – Merge can still help! Read More

Turning Managers into Leaders - Leadership Development


one-on-one mentoring for high potential leaders

Giving leaders capability and confidence in a supportive and confidential manner

Sometimes being in a leadership role feels like you’re caught between a rock and a hard place! Your managers have increasing demands of you – greater productivity, improved customer service, and stronger leadership. Your staff have unrelenting questions and problems – process bottlenecks, escalating workloads, and interpersonal conflicts. And all the while, your time and resources dwindle.


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Are you getting tired of your current job? Moving to another one may not always […]

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Merge’s latest in The Globe and Mail: Don’t be so quick to jump on the “work from home” bandwagon

Post-pandemic, many organizations are giving their employees the option to work from home, either some […]

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Merge’s is back in The Globe and Mail!

After a hiatus of several months, Merge’s latest column is live on The Globe and […]

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In Business Examiner Magazine: Entrepreneur keeps turning managers into leaders

The folks at Business Examiner Magazine did this short profile on Merge in their latest […]

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In The Globe and Mail: Negative criticism — How to tell the useful from the useless

A great two-step process to unemotionally evaluate the criticism you receive so that you can […]

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Three powerful rules to make every meeting productive — Merge’s latest column in The Globe and Mail

The meeting from hell! — no structure, too long, nothing gets accomplished, boring, irrelevant, adversarial. […]

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In The Globe: What to do when you get mixed messages from your boss (or anyone else at work)

Mixed messages are confusing and if you don’t get clarity, they can jeopardize your success.  […]

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Five clues you’re in the wrong job — Merge’s latest column in The Globe and Mail

If you’re not sure whether you’re following the right career path, Merge’s latest column in […]

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Turning managers into leaders and people power into results

Merge’s leadership development consultancy has one singular focus – to turn managers into leaders; to help great people become exceptional leaders so that they can turn their people power into real and tangible results. Through her speaking, training, mentoring, facilitation and consulting services, Merge helps leaders in organizations create high-performing workplaces.

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