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Mega Minute Archives

Welcome to Merge’s Monthly Mega-Minute – a bite-sized, yet substantial and practical, nugget of information that you can use immediately to enhance your professional and personal success.

Mega Minute Archives 2009

January – Sea anemones and clownfish | PDF
February – How to protect your Spitfire | PDF
March – Humuhumunukunukuapua’a | PDF
April – Always take your best shot! | PDF
May – Are you taking the extra step? | PDF
June – The wonder of why | PDF
July – The importance of culture | PDF
August – How welcoming are you to your new employees? | PDF
September – The whole is greater than the sum of its parts | PDF
October – Three birds and a squirrel | PDF
November – What a cat can teach you about concentration | PDF
December – Seek out specialized skills to solve workplace problems | PDF

Mega Minute Archives 2008

January – A leadership lesson from the school of writing | PDF
February – Remember that people need “sipping” time | PDF
March – Do you need a leadership leap day? | PDF
April – Just trust your equipment! | PDF
May – What you expect, so you will find | PDF
June – “An elephant does not die from one broken rib” | PDF
July – Why grouper fish and moray eels work together | PDF
August – Use Ockham’s Razor for difficult decision-making | PDF
September – Are you giving your people butter knives or bread knives? | PDF
October – Are you paying attention to those who disagree with you? | PDF
November – How leaders overcome fear and doubts | PDF
December – When the annual X’mas party isn’t JUST a party | PDF

Mega Minute Archives 2007

January – Marshmallows, self-discipline, and success | PDF
February – The second rule of ocean kayaking | PDF
March – Building sandcastles that endure | PDF
April – There’s a great big beautiful tomorrow | PDF
May – What choice will you make on the expressway of change? | PDF
June – “Every bread have its cheese” | PDF
July – Choose to add more keys to your key ring | PDF
August – From average to exceptional: the power of passion | PDF
September – Are you harnessing the power of wikinomics? | PDF
October – A defining moment in the life of an Arizona state trooper | PDF
November – Three leadership lessons from my cat | PDF
December – You can’t drive a car by looking in the rearview mirror | PDF

Mega Minute Archives 2006

January – Don’t ask for permission, ask for forgiveness! | PDF
February – A riddle about squirrels | PDF
March – Commitment or compliance? | PDF
April – Do you have a Martha on your team? | PDF
May – The birth of a butterfly | PDF
June – The case of the uneaten chicken wings | PDF
July – Why pykrete is better than ice | PDF
August – Others can’t read your mind. Really! | PDF
September – Giving feedback is like eating spinach | PDF
October – The longer you carry it, the heavier it gets | PDF
November – What leaders can learn from the medical profession | PDF
December – The geophysics of earthquakes in Hawaii | PDF

Mega Minute Archives 2005

January – What does it take to motivate employees? | PDF
February – Build electrical cables, not chains | PDF
March – “If you play with dog, you must get fleas” | PDF
April – Just stay SILENT to LISTEN | PDF
May – Indifference leads nowhere | PDF
June – A leadership lesson from crabs | PDF
July – Prune your trees carefully, but don’t cut them down | PDF
August – Are you willing to get involved? | PDF
September – What you can learn about success from sharks | PDF
October – Making order out of chaos: the theory of dissipative structures | PDF
November – The trombonist who played out of tune | PDF
December – Develop anablep vision | PDF

Mega Minute Archives 2004

January – Learn from the Aztecs | PDF
February – Be a quark! | PDF
March – A lesson in communication from ants and farming | PDF
April – Tell them why | PDF
May – Stop playing it safe! | PDF
June – What video games can teach you about motivating employees | PDF
July – Why difficult people are like sandpaper | PDF
August – Sail close to the wind | PDF
September – When you look at an apple, what do you see? | PDF
October – Broken windows and leadership | PDF
November – Do your employees want chemistry sets or Rescue Rangers? | PDF
December – When should you act on feedback? | PDF

Mega Minute Archives 2003

January – Get up and get it yourself! | PDF
February – Isn’t soap just soap? | PDF
March – The king and his coronation robe | PDF
April – Sho-u-gan-ai | PDF
May – How business cards can be so much more than business cards | PDF
June – What you can learn from the hermit crab | PDF
July – The paradox of ice cream | PDF
August – Something special happened on July 30 | PDF
September – Set them up to succeed by helping them fail | PDF
October – Why humans are like turtles | PDF
November – When you squeeze the ketchup bottle what comes out? | PDF
December – One size doesn’t fit all! | PDF

Mega Minute Archives 2002

July – Step outside your comfort zone! | PDF
August – For an effective meeting, try this radical technique! | PDF
September – Put on your own “oxygen mask” first | PDF
October – A life’s lesson from a lobster | PDF
November – Managing drop-in visitors assertively and effectively | PDF
December – Play tennis, not golf! | PDF

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