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positive mindset

A positive mindset can lift your day and elevate your career

My latest column in The Globe and Mail published online last Friday.  It’s about the…

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team accountability strategies

Team accountability strategies build common goals and cohesion

In today’s video blog, I’m zeroing in on a cornerstone of effective team building and…

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adaptability in leadership style

Adaptability in leadership style is key

I have repeatedly told my clients that if they are to get the best out…

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remote team building activities

Remote team building activities are essential for your virtual or hybrid team

In today’s video tip, I’m focusing on remote team building activities.  In our post-Covid world, it’s not unusual to have to hold team meetings with some or all of your staff logging in remotely.  Have you ever struggled to keep

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decision-making continuum

The decision-making continuum – 5 possible degrees of interaction

The decision-making continuum is a useful model to assess what level of involvement another person needs from you in problem solving. Leadership expert Merge Gupta-Sunderji shows you how it works.

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resilience building exercises for teams

Resilience building exercises for teams – four specific ideas

In today’s video blog post, I want to focus on a key ingredient for team success in our fast-paced world: resilience. Specifically, I want to share some resilience building exercises for teams that you, as a leader, can easily integrate

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team building in hybrid workplaces

Team building in hybrid workplaces isn’t difficult

Team building in hybrid workplaces can present a challenge simply because not everyone is in the same place at the same time.  But keeping your team motivated and engaged is possible. In today’s strategy, we’re looking at how to maintain

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employee acknowledgement

When it comes to employee acknowledgement, what message are you sending?

The topic of employee acknowledgement comes up often in my leadership development practice.  Specifically, the point of view that advocates that the paycheque we give our employees is the best recognition we can give them for a job well done. 

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hybrid work environment

Building a great relationship with your boss in a hybrid work environment

My latest column for The Globe and Mail was published online on Friday.  It’s about a very significant challenge that comes with the hybrid work model, which is increasingly the norm in many workplaces today.   If you didn’t already know,

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