Turning Managers Into Leaders – Six Essential Elements of the Leadership Journey

Management is what you do, leadership is how you do it.
Merge Gupta-Sunderji, Power Tools for Leaders

Successful leaders know that there is an enormous difference between managing and leading! Success in leadership is measured not by what you do, but rather by the impact you have on others. Ultimately: management is about getting things done, leadership is about getting other people to get things done. So what exactly are these elusive factors that separate the manager from the leader? Merge has crystallized these differences into what she calls the leadership mentality – six core values that ignite the spirits and minds of leaders and take them from average to exceptional! In this upbeat and fast-paced keynote, you’ll discover surprisingly straightforward actions you can take that will make a dramatic impact to your leadership effectiveness – literally overnight. Through rich metaphors and real-life examples, Merge will leave you with six simple, yet incredibly powerful, traits to take you on your journey from manager … to leader.

Note to Organizers:

This crisp and compelling keynote is most effective when delivered at the beginning or end of a leadership or management conference. Designed specifically for those who are responsible for leading others, it’s guaranteed to leave participants with plenty of gas to punch the accelerator and go! In this upbeat and fast-paced journey along the highways and side streets of leadership, participants will explore and experience:

  • The six core values that separate managers from leaders
  • Vibrant relevant examples and metaphors that vividly illustrate the differences between managers and leaders
  • Specific and practical techniques that they can use immediately to either start or continue their transition from manager to leader

Main themes:  leadership, people development, growth, positive attitude, continuous learning