Turtle Training for the Hare: Why Slow ‘n’ Steady Trumps Fast ‘n’ Furious

Whether you use the metaphor of the turtle vs. the hare or the sprinter vs. the long-distance runner (Merge uses both!), the underlying message is that building strength and sustainability in your people is what will give you long-term victory in lasting leadership. If your organization is going to be successful in today’s highly competitive business world, then you need to look beyond just the day to day. Are your people marathoners who have the energy and endurance to go up hills and down valleys, or will they fizzle and sputter when the hurdles get higher? In a positive and entertaining look at growth and productivity, Merge offers you specific and practical ideas to build strength and sustainability in your employees and ultimately your organization.

Note to organizers:

In today’s fast-paced, high-tech, multi-tasking work environment, it’s easy to forget about the pulse of what really makes your organization what it is – people! As companies everywhere spend increasing amounts of time and resources to embrace and keep up with technology, it’s critical that you not lose sight of what really creates organizational success – engaging and investing in your people. As a leader, it’s up to you to keep your eye on the ultimate prize – stakeholders who are passionate about your vision and engaged in your endeavors. This entertaining fast-paced keynote uses metaphors and analogies to drive home four key points – four things that you absolutely must do in order to build strength and sustainability in your organization and the stakeholders that you serve. As a result of attending this keynote, participants will learn:

  • Four key strategies to build strength and sustainability in themselves and others
  • Colorful memorable relevant metaphors that they can apply immediately to engage their employees and other stakeholders and create commitment
  • Practical and realistic perspectives that will give them a long-term outlook on how to survive and thrive well into the future

Main themes: leadership, strength, sustainability, productivity, passion